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Organization assessment

We spend time with our clients in order to understand the intricacies of their requirements. Because intangible factors play a role in addition to job specifications, we assess your firmís working environment and culture. By taking the time to understand your individual needs, as well as the environment within which you operate, we can identify prospective candidates most suited to your company. Complete understanding of the special skills and abilities required for the position, as well as the relationship between the position and other members of your team, is critical to a successful recruiting effort.

Position description

Working together with the client, we develop a written position description including scope of responsibility, prioritized goals/objectives and expected results, resources and accountability, authority levels, etc. The information we gather can save you valuable time by eliminating unqualified candidates before you begin to interview.

Candidate profile

Using the position description and organization assessment as guides, we develop with the client a written profile of the ideal candidate to include desired or required core competencies, education, relevant experiences, operating/management style, and other criteria determined to be relevant to success. The candidate profile directs the parameters of our search.

Targeted research

Through our networks, systems and research staff we identify companies with similar positions and specific individuals within those companies to recruit for each project. We do not rely on a database of resumes to find candidates. We actively recruit professionals that match your organization's needs. It has been our experience that the most qualified candidates are usually already employed and must be actively recruited to provide our clients with the top talent in their field. At this stage, search consultants contact targeted individuals to assess their qualifications and interest in the position.

Candidate assessment/interviews

We conduct thorough in person interviews with all final candidates prior to presenting these individuals for the client's review. At this stage we assess the candidate's skills, experience, credentials, long term growth potential, etc., as outlined in the client profile and gauge their interest in the position.

Background/reference checks on final candidates

We verify all formal educational claims, professional experiences (titles/positions, dates of employment, scope of responsibilities, achievements, etc) and current compensation package. We also contact professional and/or personal references for insight on the candidate's qualifications and personality.

Candidate presentation

To maximize the value of the client's interview time, we present a written report on three to five of the most qualified and interested candidates. We identify technically qualified individuals who, we believe, match the candidate profile.

Client interviews with candidates

While we may make recommendations based on research and personal observations, ultimately, the client makes the final selection, which is often based on personality and cultural fit. We can assist the client in structuring the interview strategy/questions to ensure a beneficial exchange of relevant information, ideas and perspectives. If desired, we will also make arrangements for the client's candidate interviews, including travel arrangements and other accommodations for final candidates.

Employment offer

If the client desires, we can assist in defining the compensation package for the position which can be used in recruiting and making an offer to the top candidate, as well as actually making the offer on your behalf and conduct subsequent negotiations as required.

One full year of follow up

To help ensure the successful integration of the candidate into our client's company, we maintain contact with the client, the successful candidate and his/her spouse for one full year following placement. This follow up differentiates Drake Executive Resources from other firms and is a major reason why our retention rate, for the first full year of employment, is 96%!

Drake Executive Resources extends equal employment opportunities in compliance with the provisions of all applicable state and federal civil rights laws, without regard to race, citizenship, age, handicap, disability, veteran status or other protected characteristics as required by law.

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